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The Omega League Battle Tournament RP is an RP that takes place at a large battle tournament(surprise, surprise). The tournament has attracted warriors from the 4 corners of the universe, and even some from other universes. However, dark going ons are happening behind the scenes. Does this have anything to do with the Battle Arena Tournament from a year prior? We will soon see...

DISCLAIMER: Not all character are here, as the person makign this lacks the patience to do his research.



  • Leonard Pleasant (Blinkdog)
  • Darth Exitium (Jesse) (currently permadead)
  • Derek (TingYi) (Currently Doesn't Exist, except for 1/10 of his soul in a book)
  • Qwerty (catldr24)
  • John (Jonix)
  • Ragdoll (Chewbert)(He asploded due to angst and temper tantrums)
  • Atashi-cloud (Atashi-Cloud)
  • Chester & Eddy (TV) (withdrawn forevermore)
  • Drayco Runir (Drayco)
  • Kit (Kitsune106)

Arena Workers

  • Dr. Terrance (TV)
  • Diana (Jesse)
  • Bradley (Jesse)
  • Announcer "Ann" (Blinkdog?)


  • Cyclea(TingYi) (Currently Heading Home)
  • Sarai(TingYi) (Currently Doesn't Exist.... at all..)
  • Warth(TV)
  • Shrip(TV)
  • Alex(Chewbert)
  • Alexia(Chewbert)
  • Feral(Chewbert)

Shadowy Figures

  • Talon (Blinkdog)
  • Mergin (Blinkdog)
  • The Owner (Blinkdog)
  • The Owner's Assistant (Blinkdog)

Current Fight Lineup

Chester & Eddy vs. Derek (Winner: Dereck)

Qwerty vs. John (Winner: Qwerty)

Alia vs. Leonard (Winner: Leonard)

Ragdoll vs. Ex (Winner: Ragdoll)

Qwerty vs. Atashi (Winner: Qwerty)

Leonard vs. Derek (Winner: Leonard)

John vs. Ragdoll (Winner: John)

Chester & Eddy vs. Ex (Winner: Chester & Eddy)

Leonard vs. Qwerty (Winner: Leonard)

Drayco vs. Atashi (Winner: Atashi)

Chester & Eddy vs. Ragdoll (Winner: Ragdoll)(That was only because I was on vacation and they got tired of waiting! Otherwise, I'd of kicked his ass! ~TV)

John vs. Ex (Winner: John)

Leonard vs. Ragdoll (Winner: Leonard)

Qwerty vs. Drayco (Winner: Drayco)

Kit vs. Leonard

John vs. Atashi

Atashi vs. Leonard

John vs. Drayco

Leonard vs. John

Leonard vs. Drayco

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